We don’t know about you but our holiday wish list is getting very long! One lingerie item has caught our eye and is taking pride of place on our list: bustiers.

Although bustiers are gorgeous and perfect for special occasions many women still hesitate to buy them for themselves. Perhaps they seem a little too decadent or impractical? Maybe so, but they have the power to make you feel incredibly feminine and sensual. Extra bonus: we’ve never met a man who didn’t like them!

Here are our top 5 favorite bustiers:


1. Sonia bustier (Lou)

Sonia bustier lou



2. Rebellious Roses bustier (Aubade)

Rebellious roses bustier aubade



3. Feline bustier (Millesia)

feline bustier millesia



4. Perele basque (Simone Perele)

Bridal basque Perele



5. Eternal Lace bustier (Aubade)

eternal lace bustier



Does your boyfriend or husband need a little hand in choosing gift lingerie for you? Refer him to our expert advice and let him know that he can contact us for more personalized advice.