Although it is not the most internationally recognized brand, Aubade is by far the number one luxury lingerie designer in France. Aubade has a long history that spans back to 1875 with the foundation of a corset and girdle company that would later be acquired in 1958 by the Pasquier family, the creators of Aubade.

Aubade prides itself on being one the companies that pioneered the transformation of lingerie from a functional garment into a fashionable item that expressed the sensual empowerment of women. Throughout its history, the French lingerie giant has sought to innovate by introducing new fabrics, shapes and designs to create better figure-enhancing bras and underwear.

Despite its longstanding presence in France it wasn’t until 1992 that Aubade cemented its status as the nation’s favorite. It was that year that the brand began its famous Lessons de Séduction (Lessons in Seduction) ad campaign that propelled it to center stage, on every Parisian billboard and into the hearts and imaginations of millions of French men and women.  The Lessons in seduction are so wildly popular that they continue up to this day.

Aubade delights its loyal following by producing an impressive number of lingerie lines including the new Rebellious Roses collection and the now classic Bahia and L’Insoumise.

Rebellious Roses

Rebellious Roses

Seasonal color variations of classic Aubade lines are released periodically and are always met with tremendous success as fans enjoy their favorite designs in new fashionable hues.  Aubade’s Boites à Désir (desire boxes), the brand’s playfully sexual collection of naughty lingerie, are also incredibly popular in France.

The brand’s success in its home country has created a buzz that now transcends international borders. Men and women in every continent increasingly appreciate Aubade. The designer’s luxury French lingerie is available for purchase online.

Beauté Secrète predicts that it’s only a matter of time before Aubade becomes the number one French lingerie brand worldwide!

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